Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Exposing Deadspin: A recap

1.  A Deadspin writer named Timothy Burke gets banned from posting on Reddit.  He doesn't know the reason.

2.  He goes on Twitter and claims it's a plot by Reddit to protect pedophiles.  He does this repeatedly.

3.  I investigate on his behalf, and I clear up the misinformation for him:  He was banned for spamming 150 of his own articles without ever participating on the site otherwise.

4.  He keeps posting his own articles under different aliases.

5.  Somebody calls him out for being a spammer.

6.  He denies being a spammer and says there is a vendetta against Deadspin.

7.  I step in and proceed to tear him a new one:

8.  Redditors applaud.  The Deadspin employee is exposed as a liar and douche.


  1. ..and this is how you spent christmas.

    1. Hahahahaha. Good one.

      Anyway, who is "Drew Johnson?" Some kind of sock puppet?

      Oh the irony.

      Also: This is probably what a sock puppet would say, but I am in fact *not* a sock puppet of the first "anonymous".

      I am actually a different "anonymous" person who is as anonymous as the (I'm assuming) made-up "Drew Johnson." I came across this while researching "retiquitte" and "sock puppets"

      This is all getting a little "meta" for me at this point, but suffice it to say, I think whoever made this blog is a douchier douche than the "spammer" who he's trying to call out.

      Why doesn't Reddit just move to a real-names policy already? It would solve so many problems.