Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hey Jordan Sargent: Fix your article!

I've lurked quite a bit in the comments on Reddit, and one complaint I often read about Gawker is that their writers have a habit of lifting content straight from Reddit.  Usually this doesn't make much sense, since Reddit itself is an aggregator.  Yet other times that's exactly what happens, like when Jordan Sargent wrote an article on December 20th titled, "The 'What is the Sexiest Thing Someone Has Ever Said to You?' Reddit Thread is Reddit Perfectly Encapsulated."

For his research, Jordan scrolled through a bunch of answers from a popular AskReddit thread.  He then wrote snide remarks about the Redditors who had chimed in.  There was a guy with hairy arms; there was a "banal" guy who was complimented on his member; there were some guys asking for tips in bed, etc...  He finished with a story about a Redditor named CaptHerpDerp:

Boy, Redditors sure are disgusting!  Not only are they dorks, but one of them just admitted to masturbating at work!

Except...that isn't really what happened.  There was no health code violation.  CaptHerpDerp's comment received quite a lot of upvotes, and when a few people misinterpreted his story and took offense with it, he made a clarification:

EDIT: Removed quotations on 'readjustment.'  To clarify, I did NOT fap in the bathroom.  I was wearing a button-down shirt and dockers, so that unexpected trip to Bonertown was both obvious and uncomfortable.

However, the Gawker article was already posted by then.  An honest mistake, perhaps, and I wouldn't fault Jordan Sargent for the confusion. In fact, CaptHerpDerp's clarification was spurred by a Redditor who also thought the word 'readjustment' meant fapping, and maybe that's what convinced Jordan to include the anecdote in the first place.

A few commenters, such as -______- and justsaying1313, pointed out the misinterpretation.  Later that night I sent Jordan a tweet about the error.  Six days later, I wrote a comment reply to Jordan, again highlighting the error for him.  Still there was no correction.

When you're working as a journalist, and someone from your story contradicts your take on the events, don't you owe it to him to get the story straight?  I know that Jordan never contacted CaptHerpDerp, because I contacted CaptHerpDerp myself and he was unaware that Gawker had quoted him.  He told me:  "Wow.  That author took me completely out of context....I'm relatively new here, so I'm a little surprised this happened, but I'm aware now and will be more careful with any future posts."

So if nothing else, I've successfully made somebody more cynical about the internet!  CaptHerpDerp said he didn't work at the same job anymore, and I told him I would try not to feign outrage on his behalf.  But there is still the principle of the matter.

On January 5th I sent Jordan this e-mail:
Dr. <sic> Mr. Sargent, 
Could you please edit the Gawker article you wrote Dec. 20th titled The 'What is the Sexiest Thing Someone Has Ever Said to You' Reddit Thread is Reddit Perfectly Encapsulated.
The waiter from Reddit who you quoted, CaptHerpDerp, clarified that he did NOT masturbate in a restaurant bathroom, as you had said.  You can see his explanation here
In fact, "adjustment" is defined on Urban Dictionary in exactly the way the Redditor meant "readjustment." 
Regardless of who "CaptHerpDerp" is in real life, he doesn't deserve to be misrepresented that way on such a high-profile site as Gawker.

The e-mail was sent at 3 P.M. on a Saturday, smack-dab in the middle of Jordan's work shift, and I made it as easy as possible for him to verify the error.  Still nothing.  A few hours later, Jordan acknowledged a spelling correction sent to him via twitter.  By now, I have to assume Jordan's failure to fix his article is deliberate.

If you Google "CaptHerpDerp," an RSS version of Jordan's article appears on the first page of results. Hypothetically speaking, what if the Redditor behind the account could be matched very easily with his username--if, say, it was his handle for both Reddit and Twitter?  What if a Google background search on the guy brought up the article for everyone to see?  Would Jordan Sargent or anybody else at Gawker care that they got the story wrong?

I doubt it.  For Gawker employees, it's far more important to get a cheap dig in at their target than to get the facts correct.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Some spam notes

There were several Gawker-affiliated Reddit accounts that I chose not to include in my list last week.  

A smattering of accounts that I had found were already banned, likely because they were marked as spam. Some examples are ahavalotion, alpastorrevv and mattchew03.  Their profiles are gone, but you can still see their submission histories.  The 218 accounts I listed had all yet to be banned.  

Other accounts were created by Gawker interns or employees who promoted others domains besides Gawker.  The account Ryanjleone matches up with ex-intern Ryan Leone.  Fifty-four of his links are for Gawker sites, but the final forty-eight links are for  I wanted to keep the focus on Gawker domains.    

I haven't received any feedback yet from Reddit admins about the list, which could mean:
A.) It's under review
B.) It is not under review
C.) They are silently granting my wish to study these accounts for a while longer.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Catalogue of Gawker's alleged Reddit accounts

These are Reddit accounts I suspect were created by Gawker employees or Gawker interns for the purpose of promoting articles on Reddit.

Most of these are shell accounts with no commenting history.  They aren't sockpuppets in the usual sense.  Argon-aschleman is an exception, and I exposed him earlier.  Also of note, the deleted Twitter account "Turnipsun" belonged to a Christopher Mascari, and Gizmodo's Christopher Mascari was Gawker's editorial marketing manager from 2010 to 2012.  Therefore, these accounts appear to be the result of a company policy.

Created:  October 21st, 2012.  02:47:26 UTC
Links: 6
URLs:  All Deadspin

Created:  November 16th, 2012.  05:44:42 UTC
Links: 7
URLs:  All Deadspin

Created:  March 2nd, 2010.  20:50:31 UTC
Links: 76
URLs:  Gizmodo--42; Deadspin--8; Gawker--7; Jezebel--7; Kotaku--6; Lifehacker--3; Jalopnik--2;

3 DOWN, 215 TO GO...

Saturday, January 5, 2013

3,000+ pageviews

Thanks to everyone so far who has checked out this blog.  This is still a new undertaking and I'm determining what tone it will finally take--i.e. are there enough secrets about Gawker left to uncover, or will I settle into more of a FireJoeMorgan-type tone?

In the meantime, should anyone wish to contact me with feedback, criticism, tips, etc...I can be reached on Twitter at Alphadog_33, on Reddit at Alphadog33, or on Gmail at DrewJo1981.