Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Some spam notes

There were several Gawker-affiliated Reddit accounts that I chose not to include in my list last week.  

A smattering of accounts that I had found were already banned, likely because they were marked as spam. Some examples are ahavalotion, alpastorrevv and mattchew03.  Their profiles are gone, but you can still see their submission histories.  The 218 accounts I listed had all yet to be banned.  

Other accounts were created by Gawker interns or employees who promoted others domains besides Gawker.  The account Ryanjleone matches up with ex-intern Ryan Leone.  Fifty-four of his links are for Gawker sites, but the final forty-eight links are for  I wanted to keep the focus on Gawker domains.    

I haven't received any feedback yet from Reddit admins about the list, which could mean:
A.) It's under review
B.) It is not under review
C.) They are silently granting my wish to study these accounts for a while longer.

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