Friday, March 22, 2013

More NSFW material

Remember:  According to Gawker, it is incredibly creepy for a website to post nude photos of women without their consent.

Meanwhile, Gawker continues to rake in pageviews by posting leaked celebrity nude photos.  The latest, posted on Tuesday, is a full-frontal shot of actress Shiri Appleby.  It has 451,000 pageviews so far, and 211,000 of those are from new visitors.  The rules about being creepy clearly don't apply when celebrities are involved.

I don't want to go into a spiel right now, but I'll recommend another blogger's essay that closely mirrors my own stance towards Gawker.  The writer is named Freddie de Boer, and the post is titled, "I'll take honest depravity over depravity masked as righteousness."

There should be a couple new posts published here before the end of the month.  Hopefully they're worth the wait.