Thursday, June 27, 2013

30 days later

A month has passed since Gawker successfully raised $200,000 in order to purchase the alleged Rob Ford crack tape.  Back on May 28th, John Cook told the Globe and Mail that he would wait a month for delivery of the tape:
"I'd say give them a month," said Mr. Cook, who is editor of  "If I hear nothing but silence, then I can only conclude that for whatever reasons, the people who have it are no longer motivated to sell it even though we've got a huge amount of money that we've raised and that was what they asked for."
Gawker's "Plan B" was always to donate the money to a Canadian non-profit if they couldn't procure the tape.  Will an announcement come tomorrow?  Or will Gawker come up with a reason to keep holding onto the money?

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