Saturday, June 22, 2013

I'm going to tell Romenesko about that!

If spotting typos were a form of watchdog journalism, Jim Romenesko would be head of the pack.  Romenesko runs a personal website where he aggregates stories about the journalism industry.  It’s a useful site.  He also has a penchant for pointing out copy-editing mistakes.

Sometimes the mistakes are egregious.  But other times they’re just sort of random.  (For example, pointing out the misspelling of “border patrol” in the Houston Chronicle.  It’s a mistake for sure, but don’t those errors happen a hundred times a day?)  I normally don’t care about Gawker’s copy-editing mistakes, however there was a boner on Jezebel a few months ago that deserves mentioning:  

On December 1st, they wished happy birthday to Bette Midler.  She was turning 67.

Then on March 19th they wished her happy birthday again!

Wrongly announcing a celebrity's birthday--and with a duplicate headline, no less?  That's Romenesko bait if I've ever seen it!  Hopefully he'll have some snarky comment about the decline of the newspaper industry or whatever.

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