Thursday, September 19, 2013

Crackstarter follow-up

On July 18th, John Cook announced where Gawker would be donating the money raised from their "Crackstarter" campaign.  The sum of $184,782.61 will be evenly distributed among the following four charities: The Somali Canadian Association of Etobicoke, the South Riverdale Community Health Center, the Ontario Regional Addictions Partnership Committee, and Unison Health and Community Services.

So it seems all the major players in this controversy made out okay:  Gawker got a couple million pageviews for their anti-climactic coverage, some Toronto reporters had a fun little trivia night, and Rob Ford still gets to run the city of Toronto on a daily basis.  (I'm aware the video might surface eventually...But I would rather see The Star or a similar outlet recover it first, since they're actually invested in local politics.)

The only real loser here is Mohamed Siad.  He's the crack dealer who was attempting to sell Gawker the Rob Ford crack tape, and he was among the gang members arrested back on June 13th as part of the "Project Traveller" raids.  Things got worse for him, however, because two days after his arrest, Siad was the victim of a jailhouse shanking.  According to the Toronto Sun, some of Siad's fellow gang members blamed him for bringing heat down on their community.

I'm sure there's a lesson to be learned from all this.

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