Monday, September 16, 2013

Don't forget: You exist here forever

I used to think Gawker had a pretty handy commenting system.  Not only were the comments easy to browse, but the user profile pages themselves were set up in a very logical way.  When you clicked someone's profile, you would see, uncut, all of the person's previous comments.  Another tab had all the replies sent to that person.  And you could even send and receive private messages.  All those features have gone away now, but one "feature" that remains is that you can't ever delete your account. is a new site that gives information for how to erase your profile from hundreds of popular websites.  I learned about the site thanks to, which broke down the numbers and showed just how Gawker stands out in terms of inconvenience:
Out of the 241 web accounts databased in’s directory, 146 are categorized as "easy" to delete, 18 are considered "medium" in difficulty, 36 are "hard" to delete and 41 are "impossible" (10 of which are Gawker sites). 
Other websites with impossible-to-delete accounts include GoDaddy, Pastebin, and, somewhat randomly,

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