Saturday, November 2, 2013

You never go full listicle

Last year, Albert Burneko posted a 1,873-word essay all about Halloween candy.  Near the end, he gave a ranking of the eight best Halloween candies, with a description of each food.  (He also fast-forwarded to the 72nd- and 73rd-best choices:  A wadded Party City receipt and a Hershey bar.)

This year, Albert again posted about Halloween candy.  But since he had nothing new to say, he went the listicle route: 47 Halloween candies, ranked 1 through 47.  Total word count:  158.      

If you ever wanted to see a clear example of "perfunctory writing," this was it.

Although maybe I'm missing the bigger picture.  Maybe Albert was paying homage to that new "Buzzfeed minus gifs" tumblr by writing a Buzzfeed article without any gifs.

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