Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dr. Phil follow-up

I found more info regarding Deadspin's removal of the Dr. Phil footage.

On Thursday, reported that Peteski Productions had settled their copyright infringement
suit against Gawker Media:
“The case settled to the mutual satisfaction of the parties,” said Jackson Walker partner Chip Babcock, who represents Peteski.
Details of the settlement are confidential.  Neither Babcock nor Gawker's attorneys provided further comment to

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  1. Unrelated, but check out #gawkingatrapeculture on twitter. The valleywag article about Japanese comfort women being compared to women who voluntarily sign up for a dating site that pairs them with men in SF has justifiably rustled some feathers. Nitasha, who seems smart & professional has apologized, but Sam and Max have doubled down, using the "doesn't anyone have a sense of humor anymore" defense