Monday, March 3, 2014

The Drew guarantee

There's an old rule in professional wrestling:  If a babyface "guarantees" something, then you know it will come true.  If John Cena says, "I guarantee I'll win the WWE title at Wrestlemania," then you already know the result.

Drew Magary is like the opposite of a babyface.  Take this line from his Oscar "haters guide" last week, when he wrote about all of the Best Picture nominees:
"12 Years A Slave: This movie isn't winning Best Picture. I can guarantee it. And you know why I can guarantee it? Because people are cowards...."
Of course, 12 Years A Slave won the award for Best Picture last night.  It was the favorite to win, as well, at least according to this survey put out by

Previously, Drew Magary had predicted icy death for everyone attending the Super Bowl in the New York area.  He wrote post after post about how the weather was going to suck, and then the weather turned out to be a non-factor.

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