Sunday, August 24, 2014

Haters gonna hate

The chaps at Ordinary Times have taken a small stand against Gawker's brand of "chattering class bullshit."

Here's what happened:  Leah Finnegan (who was hired recently because she "hates the right people") decided to spit some of her hate juice on Max Fisher over at Vox.  Fisher had written a satirical column about how the media reports on foreign conflicts, and Leah thought this column absolutely sucked.

And so a writer at Ordinary Times looked over the whole situation and basically said: 'What's the big deal?  Max's column wasn't bad.'  He also elaborated on the feud that's apparently brewing between Gawker and Vox Media.

It's always useful to have dissenting voices, because you really don't want the internet to dissolve into a giant Asch conformity experiment.

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