Wednesday, August 27, 2014

B.S. math

My favorite writer at Cracked is a guy named David Christopher Bell.  About once a week, he writes a column about "B.S. stories" that tricked people on the internet.  This column is great, because he invariably mentions stories and hoaxes that were picked up by Gawker.  

Even in cases when one Gawker writer tries to debunk a B.S. story, you can often locate a second writer who helped spread it in the first place.  For example, today Bell mentioned the "B.S. story" about a dumb criminal who supposedly asked Siri where to hide his roommate's dead body. The misunderstanding came from a joke screenshot that had been found on the defendant's phone. In fact, the phone in question didn't even have Siri installed.

Jay Hathaway at Gawker reported the story was fake.  His post has 35,700 pageviews.
Eric Limer at Gizmodo, however, ran the original story like a fool.  His post has 71,000 pageviews.

This is what I consider a case of: "One step forward, two steps back."

To be fair, Limer did eventually update his post and acknowledge the story was false.  It just took him several hours.



  1. Something worth posting about would be the hypocrisy regarding leaked celeb nudes. Just last week, they posted an 18 year old boyband member's erect penis on the front page, and after the JLaw leaks this weekend, all the bloggers are writing about how this would never happen to a man, how this is equivalent to sexual harassment (or worse), how this is a gross violation of privacy. I cannot fathom how they can print that stuff with a straight face after the incident not only a week earlier. The same thing with Favre and Weiner dick pix, although those seem to have been unsolicited. But regardless, Gawker's assertion that nude leaks would never happen to men is just plain wrong, and they're a perfect example of that.

    1. Huh. That was some "barely legal" porn there. And Gawker even included a direct link to the story on Facebook: