Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ladies leaving Gawker

Myles Tanzer tweeted the news that Rachel Rosenfelt is leaving Gawker.  She was hired in June to be their first-ever Executive Producer.  Now they'll have to find somebody else!  

Tanzer also said Lindy West is departing Jezebel.

Nicholas Jackson, meanwhile, made the observation that Playboy had "moved off of Kinja" and launched their own website.  This might just be speculation, though, because I couldn't find any official announcement saying Playboy had disassociated from Kinja.  That said, Playboy revamped their website this week to make it more Facebook-friendly, and their "SFW" Kinja page hasn't posted anything since June 25th.    


  1. Not sure if you caught wind of this the past few days, but there's been lots of juicy drama over at Kotaku for one of their writers dating an indie game developer:

  2. Haha, I actually haven't read too much into it past watching the YouTube video that was made. Way too many threads in Reddit to keep track of. I just like the fact that it's causing drama with Kotaku, because....Gawker sucks :)