Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Update regarding Jezebel's "rape gifs" problem

Earlier today, Joel Johnson announced Gawker was disabling all image uploads in their comments. This change would be effective for the entire Kinja platform.  The announcement was made after the porn and rape gifs started to spread to other Gawker blogs, such as io9.

This sounds like an effective stop-gap measure.  However, some commenters felt it was a little weird that the issue was solved so quickly.  In other words, the Gawker tech team could have prevented Jezebel's writers from being traumatized, yet they waited until:

A.)  Jezebel aired the matter publicly, and
B.)  The gifs spread to other sites besides Jezebel

That's the perception, at least.  I'm not in Hungary, and I'm not part of the tech team.  Maybe it took them an entire month to develop that stop-gap measure.

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