Monday, September 22, 2014

Chris Kluwe tweets mean stuff

I was browsing Chris Kluwe's twitter stream yesterday.  He was complaining about Tony Dungy, cracking jokes, calling him a homophobe, etc... and then, while replying to another Twitter user, Kluwe wrote:

And that's such a stark thing to tweet, I just felt the need to mention it.

I remember hearing that Tony Dungy's son had died back in 2005, but didn't know the son was homosexual or that he'd been disowned by his father.  So I did a Google search, and there weren't any official news sources which mentioned Dungy's son was gay.  All the speculation about it came from blog posts or message boards, and in fact one guy from TheStraightDope summed up my own findings:
Every single rumor I can find that James was gay was written by a third party who never met the kid and who had a prior hatred for Tony over his religious activism.  Since the person who found the body was his girlfriend, (and 18 seems a bit young for a beard, although not impossible), I'm going to hold off joining in condemnation over a rumor that seems to have no basis beyond the hatred of one group for another.
According to a USA Today article, James Dungy's body was discovered by Antoinette Anderson. When she called 911, she referred to him as her boyfriend:
"I think my boyfriend's dead," an anguished Anderson told an emergency dispatcher. "I think he tried to hang himself or something."
It may be possible that James was bisexual.  Or maybe the girl who called 911 misrepresented their relationship.

Or perhaps Chris Kluwe is a little bit unhinged and he's willing to spread these sorts of rumors to spite his enemies.

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