Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fun with Viddler, part 2

This is what happens when multiple Gawker blogs all cover the same topic.

Back in March, Nancy Grace was a guest on Good Morning America to discuss the Oscar Pistorius trial.  For some reason, she began braying about pornography, and everyone in the room kind of ignored her.

Timothy Burke at Deadspin took some of the broadcast footage and uploaded it using the Viddler platform.  The clip then made its way onto YouTube, and from there it was shared by various websites.  Gawker and Jezebel bloggers both gave their takes, but instead of using the Viddler clip, they simply embedded the YouTube version.  This became a problem when Gawker filed a copyright notice and had the clip taken off YouTube, resulting in a bizarre error message:

Yes, Gawker Media managed to block their own video from being seen on Gawker!

Here's the part that confuses me, though:  I don't understand why Gawker would be the ones to claim copyright over this video, rather than ABC.  There's a slight jump cut in Burke's clip, but it's not as though he manipulated the audio or added music or anything.  How do you claim copyright over something which you took from somebody else?

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