Tuesday, September 2, 2014

B.S. math, part 2

Here's another case of "One step forward, many steps back," courtesy of David Christopher Bell.

In a June edition of B.S. stories, Bell talked about a Chinese man who supposedly got trapped in South Korea after his passport was defaced by his 4-year-old son.  Lots of news sites posted a photo of the passport, although it turns out the scribble marks were added digitally.  The Chinese Embassy in Seoul eventually had to state for the record that this story was bogus.

Let's see how Gawker Media fared as a whole:

Casey Chan at Gizmodo reported the story as true.  He got 223,200 pageviews.
Gabrielle Bluestone at Gawker reported the story as true.  She got 80,100 pageviews.
Mark Shrayber at Jezebel reported the story as true.  He got 30,000 pageviews. 
Brian Ashcraft at Kotaku was the only person to report the story was fake.  He got  62,000 pageviews.

Adding those numbers up, you've got roughly 330,000 Gawker readers who were fed the hoax, and 62,000 Gawker readers who were given the truth.

That's over a 5:1 ratio!

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