Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Kotaku under scrutiny

A lot of conspiracy theories have been floating around these past few weeks regarding Kotaku and gaming journalism in general.  Some of the theories seem a bit thin.  Other theories involve aspects of people's personal lives which aren't relevant to gaming journalism.  However there was at least one accusation which proved to have substance, and that involved Kotaku's Patricia Hernandez.    

Talking Ship has a good recap, titled "Patricia Hernandez Covered Her Friend's Games, And Didn't Disclose It," in which they lay out a timeline showing the relationship between Hernandez and a game developer named Anna Anthropy.  Online conversations had indicated the two were living together during the summer of 2012.  Hernandez later promoted Anna's games in several posts on Kotaku without disclosing that they were friends

At least four of Hernandez's posts have been updated with the following note:
(Update: full disclosure... the game's creator, Anna Anthropy, was housemates with me and a mutual friend in the summer of 2012.)"
fifth post, from December of 2012, hasn't yet received an update, although I think it should.

Shortly after that first allegation surfaced, people started saying Hernandez had promoted games for another friend named Christine Love without disclosing their relationship.  As a results, two more of Hernandez's posts were updated with the following note:
(Update: full disclosure...Love and I are friends.)
These updates are in accordance with a pledge made by Stephen Totilo to make any connections between writers and subjects more clear in the future:
We appreciate healthy skepticism from critics and have looked into—and discussed internally—concerns. We agree on the need to ensure that, on the occasion where there is a personal connection between a writer and a developer, it's mentioned. 

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