Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Deadspin way, part 4

1.)  Get a tip from a guy named "Michael" who claims he saw 7'3 NBA player Hasheem Thabeet flying uncomfortably in coach class.
2.)  Post the supposed photos of Hasheem without bothering to confirm the details of Michael's story.
3.)  Collect 128,000 pageviews.
4.)  Reveal two days later in an update that it wasn't actually Hasheem in the photos.
5.)  Try to do better the next time.


  1. These are fun.

    You should do some for Valleywag, Gawker, or Jezebel. I hate those blogs many times worse than Deadspin.

    1. I plan do a compilation of all the B.S. stories which the Cracked writer (David Christopher Bell) put together. But I do wish there was an easy way to keep tabs on EVERY story Gawker Media puts out, and monitor those stories for changes and updates. .